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rock star:  hi there! How are y-
me:  hi i'm a huge fan and i really wanna be around you and observe you and smell you and touch you so can i be a roadie i don't even care what I have to do if you want me to like brush your hair or get you water or shine your shoes or get you food or tune your guitar or go buy you new guitar picks or any equipment you need or if you want me to sweep the stage or scrub it with a toothbrush or illl brush your teeth but not with the same toothbrush and then if you need anything else i can get it for you and you just have to let me know and ill be right there i swear to god


I really wanna go on a cute date where we go to an aquarium and get ice cream and hold hands and just enjoy each other’s company and also look at fish bc they’re cool as fuck